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Classroom Web Links 
This Web Page is full of wonderful online activities.  Some of the links may not work any longer, but I will try to keep them updated as much as possible.  There are educational links, games links, research links,  technology tips, you name it... This web page is set up for the students and/or parents can navigate for whatever reason it may be.  I collected most of these links from friends over the years. Thanks Ben, your great! Just click on the words in the blue and go!
  Have Fun!
Technology Tips:
  • If you touch F11 you will expand your web browser and see more of the web page you are viewing.
  • To receive MI educational websites, type in the word site in the google search box.
  • You zoom into your web browser by holding the ctrl (control) key and using the roller on your mouse. Note this only works on computers the have a scroll button on their mouse.
School Web Page:
IN The Classroom:
My friend Ben loved NASA and space. He shared with me these awesome sites on space!
  • NASA News -this link will bring you the latest NASA News. This is the one you wanted Pops.
  • International Space Station - Track the International Space Station from your computer to your back yard sky line.
  • Three man mission - This web site provides the latest scoop about the third man that was added to mission 12. 
  •  NASA Home Page -this is the NASA home page and is remarkably easy to navigate
  • NASA for kids - Ever wonder how much things might weigh on Mars? Go to this website and find out. They have educational games and fun activities for all ages.
  • Expedition 12 This is the official expedition 12 web site.
  • Moon Landing - If you are interested in looking at the moon then you will love this map site.
  • - This fun exciting site is for all levels of mathematicians.
  • Online Math Dictionary - This is a really cool online math dictionary that incorporates an interactive media tools. For instance you can not only look up the word abacus you can use an online version of an abacus.
  • Interactive Math - This site has all kinds of manipulates for kids of all ages.
  • Fun Brain - This is one of the best educational gaming sites there is!
  • Exchange rates - This site may come in handy sometimes, or just to have some fun with exchange rates.
  •  MATH RELIEF - This site can help your son or daughter with their math homework from K-7.
  • Math Madness - This is a hands on exciting site that helps students explore math ideas.  You can print off your score to show your teacher.
  • Math Resource- This is a cool website for teachers and students with a variety of cool activities.
    XtraMath -  A great place for your student to work on basic math facts. 

  • Super Science- This magazine has cool science connections.
  • Environmental - This is a cool site that has all kinds of fun games for kids that relate to water conservation, ecosystems, human health , and recycling.
  • - This site you are able to visit animals of the African Savannah live at this website.  There are many webcams you can watch live.
  •  Detroit Zoo - This is the Detroit Zoo's website.
  • Severe Weather - This site has a neat 8 minute video on tornados.
  • Pompeii - This site you can visit the lost city in Italy.
  •  Mount Vesuvius web cam - see the volcano that erupted in 79 AD and is predicted to erupt again every 2,000 years.
  • Mt. St. Helen Live Cam - This site gives you a live look at Mt. Saint Helen.
  • NOAA - this is a link to real time infrared radar of the entire US. It is hosted by the government or .gov. We cover GOES stationary satellites used to help predict weather in science.
  • Isaac's Storm This site is dedicated to the "Storm of 1900." This storm was one of the worst hurricanes to hit the America's. It taught us a lot about how to prepare for bad weather.
  •  The Great Long Island Hurricane - This site shows the damage that was created by a hurricane the swept the NE Coast by surprise. This storm charged four hundred miles into Canada reeking havoc where ever it went.
  • - This is a site that can give you an hour by hour weather report 24 hours a day anywhere in the U.S.
  • Earth Day - This is a link to a site that has a lot of ideas to help save our environment. Earth Day is April 22.
  • Earth View- View the Earth in all of its magnificent glory from space, in real time.
  • Science Fair Ideas- This site lists some science fair ideas. Remember that your science fair project needs to answer some kind of question (not be a demonstration).
  • Food Pyramid - Here is a link to help student make healthy choices.
Language Arts:
  • Online Terms- This is a site that has a list of examples for English terms like adjective, noun, verb and much much more.
  • Story Mapping - This site allows you to simply input parts of a story (characters setting etc.) and the site puts them all together for you.
Social Studies:
  • Social Studies - This is a fun game that makes learning states a blast.
  • Let's Say Thanks - This site is a fun site to thank our troops by sending E-cards to them.
Some Fun Odds and Ends:
  • - At this site you are able to virtually dissect an owl pellet, a frog, etc... 
  • -This is is neat because of all the information it has on aquarium fish
  • Nick JR - This site allows younger students to play fun games.
  • Nick - This site allows older students to play fun games.
  • Google Task Bar- This is a free download that allows you to launch a search for information from your toolbar.
  • Comcast Cable Free Virus Protection Software - If you are using an cable modem and Comcast as your (ISP) they offer free virus protection software, firewall, and personal protection software. Terms and conditions do apply. 
  •   CNET~ This website allows you to locate software quickly and easily.